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Interests: Camelot Legends {CL} Tales of Britannia and the Celts

Asgard Legendary Empire {ALE} Tales of the Norse

Tolkien Legends {TL} Tales of Middle Earth and Aman.


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We started Northern Legends three years ago when MySpace closed. There are three main subtopics; tales from the Northern realms~ Camelot Legends (Ireland, Avalon and Britannia during medieval times) Tolkien Legends (Lothlorien, Misty Mountains, Rivendell, Rohan, Gondor, the Shire, and our newest addition The Reunited Kingdom......) Asgard Legendary Empire (We are Norse Realm, ( This Norse land Myth and Marvel~Thor is the leader, his mate and writing partner is Amora. We have used the Marvel map to plot Vanaheimr, Ringsfor, Gymirsgard, Alfheimr.....etc. We have incorporated other realms into Asgard, like Camelot, and Middle Earth….shape shifters, vampires and crossovers etc to rule our lands…..) All are welcome to message here or at our group pages. Thank you!
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Northern Legends ... lands of long ago and far away...

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Northern Legends has 75 friends.
 Beltaine 2015 NL 
 Camelot Legends RPG NL 
 Tolkein Legends 
 Isolde of Dunlace Castle 
 Morgana; ALE 
 Arthur Pendragon {Camelot Legends} NL 
 Sir Gawain (CL) (NL) 
 Lady Lexa Isadora Eovaldi {E_L Gawain} {CL} {NL} 
 Lady Guinevere of Lyeonesse {Camelot Legends}  
 Elaine~ CL~ 
 Pandora {KOVALE}::Mother to Pandorica::Queen of Varinheim::TakenLoved by Lord of Flames:: 
 Queen Dagmar Of Iceland™ (Valkyrie) NL|| ALE || CL 
 Freyja {Goddess of the VanirKeeper of Love and Beauty} loves King Russell of Gynirsgard ALE 
 Sammy Vaughn 
 Brunhilde {Valkyrie} ALE 
 Amora ~"The Divine High Enchantress"~"North Star"~"Empress of Imperial Elysium" ~IE~ 
 Lorelei ~ALE~ {E_L Beau} 
 Prince Angel Groves (ALE) 
 Brigid~Goddess of Ireland~ NL CL 
 Elizabeta Valerious™ || M || Alexandru 
 Daelesca °Alfheim Mystic° (ALE) 
 Arwen Undómiel Eveningstar ~ Reunited Kingdom~ALE~NL~ 
 Passing of the Elves TL 
 Galadriel {Tolkien Legends } NL 
 Jamie Lannister 
 Lothiriel of Dol Amroth TL NL 
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