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Tolkien Legends: are part of Northern Legends. We are a Middle Earth/Aman Realm. Because we have a deep appreciation for the genius of Tolkien, we have dabbled with creating some of his characters, both from Arda and the Undying settings. Also we recognize that there is a genealogy, well defined and a timeline established, however, in our stories many characters crossover those barriers. We started our storytelling in Rohan with Eomer and Isolde, Eowyn and the Witch King. The plot is simple. Angmar, a minion of Sauron is possessed and determined to find the ‘eighth ring. The most powerful ring that will allow him to rule all of Middle Earth. He has taken over Isengard and from that strategic location, he attacks Rohan and now Gondor. Characters are bound for a counsel held in Rivendell to plot his ruin. We would be happy to invite new LOTR characters….but we especially need Lord Elrond and friends to the dark side.

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