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Freyr- Ruler of Alfheimr- Freyr is the Norse god of the harvest and of human fertility; he is the one to decide when the sun shines, when the rain falls and whether children are concieved. He is the son of Njord and brother of Freya. He is married to Gerda.  photo 8ddf4f5c-0ed2-40cb-83ac-cf6cb388bf41_zps0b18d4ac.jpg
 photo d5b5b8af-9ddf-43b9-ae79-48ff85c61907_zpsaf7a10bb.jpg
Gerda~Queen of Alfheimr  photo 8ac8fcd3-7709-4443-b86a-9dbdb869dbaa_zps15e9dbc5.jpg
 photo 63142fc3-88df-4e29-b4f6-9e3622d8545b_zpsd9876434.jpg Lord Fingolfin and Queen Anaire have come from Aman ~the Undying Lands of Tolkien′s Realm.....their Kingdom here in the North of Alfheimr called Elvenhome.......
 photo 11abe26f-6c5b-421d-8b42-b73ff299b767_zpsee74e650.jpg ~from Mirkwood......King Thranduil, Legolas and Tauriel

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THE FAIRY KINGDOM Located in Alfheimr

Fairyland, also called Elfland or Tir Nan Og, is an enchanted place where fairies live in an organized community. It may be thought of as an alternate or parallel universe, a place where time stands still and there is no sickness or death. The fairy kingdom is said to be a hilltop one, but invisible, or composed of magnificent underground cities. Fairy kings and queens rule there. Humans who enter the fairy realm cannot leave once the door closes behind them. Those who do leave may find that years have passed on earth during what was, for them, but minutes in the fairy kingdom. FAIRY MAGIC Element: Air (airy fairy) Color: green Metal: iron repels fairies For: enchantment - gifts - flower magic - tempests - raising magic mists

 photo aa952cde-2f81-4e28-acb1-832aa61322d5_zps4f76dc55.jpg
Ālfheimr, "elf home") is one of the Nine Worlds and the Light Elves′ homeworld in Norse mythology. It was ruled over by Freyr . It appears also in Anglo-Scottish ballads under the name Elfhame Other names for Alfheimr are Alfar, and Elfhame. Freyr called it his faerieland. Amora called it her Fae Otherworld
 photo 84f8f64f-eda4-463b-aad7-07500768d4a6_zps5b33cd29.jpg

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 Queen Anaire Loves Fingolfin 
 Queen Dagmar Of Iceland™ (Valkyrie) NL|| ALE || CL 
 Tatania {Faerie Queen} ALE 
 Nahla {Amora's White Dragon} ALE 
 Vermithra (Isolde's Dragon) 
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 Queen Rosalie ~*ALE*~ 
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 Pandora {KOVALE}::Mother to Pandorica::Queen of Varinheim::TakenLoved by Lord of Flames:: 
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 Roleplay ECLIPSE ~Roleplay Site 
 Anastasia ~The Enchantress Fairy~Queen of Domain of the Enchantress~{DOTE}{IE} 
 Freyja {Goddess of the VanirKeeper of Love and Beauty} loves King Russell of Gynirsgard ALE 
 ~Sidhe Literacy Share~ 
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